B2B & B2C mobile app products for licensing

Our B2B and B2C app products can be customised to suit your business and marketing requirements.

The main benefit of licensing one of our app products is that you don’t have to invest heavily in building the underlying architecture and code base for the app as this has already been designed and developed. The other benefit is that the development time is significantly reduced which means you can get the app onto the app stores a lot quicker.

The level of customisation can range from simply changing colours and logos through to adding new functionality and creating new user interface designs.



A highly customisable study tool and testing platform

StudyWhizz is an educational aid that can be customised for schools, colleges, universities and any other teaching institutions.

It acts in the same way as conventional study flashcards but delivered via a mobile app. The app can be customised so that teaching staff can create their own test content which can then be distributed via the app. The app allows students to access the study tests on the go via a smartphone or tablet.  Learn more.