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01Mobile strategy

In today’s world the smartphone rules. But mobile technology is changing at a rapid pace. We’re here to make sure you don’t get lost in this sea of change’. We’ll translate your business goals into a practical app development plan and work with you to future-proof your mobile strategy.

02UX/UI design

There’s no excuse for apps being difficult to use. Well researched user interfaces with simple, clear layouts, coupled with contemporary, engaging design will delight your users and keep them coming back.

03App development

Whether it’s about improving business processes or communication channels, our extensive knowledge of developing business and commercial apps will ensure that what gets built, is actually going to help you to achieve your objectives.

04Connected apps

The Internet of Things is transforming the way we live our lives. Innovative smart devices are presenting us with a whole host of new connectivity options. Bluetooth, NFC, wireless – we’ve got all those technologies covered so we can get your app to ‘talk’ to almost any smart hardware or wearable device.

Our development process

App concept development

Concept Development

Our in-depth understanding of developing mobile applications for B to B and smart device connectivity projects gives us the ability to help shape your app idea and provide you with the right prototyping assets to help test your concept. Our strategic approach is backed up by up-to-date industry insights meaning that we’re always provide you with appropriate and sound advice.

App specification development


Every project needs a roadmap and for an iPhone and Android app project this comes in the form of a series of specification documents and timelines. These act as blueprints detailing each part of the mobile app development process. This means that our designers and programmers know in detail what they need to produce, and by when, to help ensure successful delivery of your app.

UX/UI development

UI/UX Design

A key phase in every app project is the establishment of the user experience (UX) framework. It’s vital to understand how the end user will use the app, so we produce wireframes depicting how users will move from screen to screen and achieve their tasks. The next step involves producing user interface designs (UI) and these define the overall look and feel of each screen within the app.


The engineering and coding phase is where programming of your app begins. It’s unusual for apps to work in isolation these days, so any integration that needs to happen with databases, software or hardware devices is also implemented by the development team during this phase. We meticulously test app performance and functionality before submitting to the App Stores. We also add analytics to your app so you can track installs and usage.

App deployment


Once the app has been thoroughly tested only then do we submit it to the App Stores for the public to download. As part of this process we also produce all the necessary app store marketing collateral required. This includes the creation of an app icon, screen shots of the app and if necessary an app explainer video. We’ll provide you with advice on how to write a good description for your app and select the best keywords to make it easier for people to find your app in the app store search results.


With over 4 million apps available for download across the two major app stores, how will your target audience find your app? We can develop promotional assets such as websites and app explainer videos to help you market your app and drive installs. We’ve also teamed up with SEO and ASO experts that can provide specialist skills to help improve the visibility of your app in search engines and app stores.


Getting your app launched onto the App Stores is only the start of your app’s journey. We can support you by carrying out updates to the app when new versions of iOS and Android are released. We’ll also work alongside you to suggest new features that could help to improve your app’s performance. Turning an initial concept into a successful app can be challenging, but our years of experience in launching B to B and ‘connected’ apps will help you to avoid the common pitfalls associated with the app development process. We pride ourselves in building more than just beautiful apps; our goal is to help you create an app that becomes a highly effective business asset.

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